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Pengarang : Klenk, Nicole L
Nomor Panggil : eJ07-CJC, Communication and Management Challenges in Large, Cross-sector Research Networks: A Canadian Case, 2010
Penerbit : Canadian journal of communication

Pengarang : Webster, Jessica L
Nomor Panggil : eJI07-HP, Lowering Communication Barriers in Operating Room Technology, Winter 2006
Penerbit : Human Factors

Pengarang : Alhassan, Amin
Nomor Panggil : eJ07-CJC, The Canonic Economy of Communication and Culture: The Centrality of the Postcolonial Margins1, 2007
Penerbit : Canadian journal of communication

Pengarang : Marleen B. Schippers
Nomor Panggil : eJI07-Playing Charades in the fMRI: Are Mirror and/or Mentalizing Areas Involved in Gestural Communication?, August 2009, Vol 4, Issue
Penerbit : Plos one

Pengarang : Anderson, Ruth A
Nomor Panggil : eJI07-GERONTOLOGIST, Complexity Science and the Dynamics of Climate and Communication: Reducing Nursing Home Turnover, Jun 2004 ; Vol 44, No 3
Penerbit : The Gerontologist

Pengarang : Koudou, A Nicolas
Nomor Panggil : eJI07-FPJ, A framework for forest stakeholder communication: A case study of Cote d'Ivoire Mar 1999; Vol 49 No. 3
Penerbit : Forest Proudct Journal

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