Melamine is a polymer of formaldehyde with phenol compound. The polimer is used to release formaldehyde by dining wares made of melamine. The release formaldehyde is the formalin that contains 40% of wich as formaldehyde. This compound has the potential to be toxic, could cause cancer, kidney stone, that may end to death. A study to reduce formaldehyde content in melamine a ware method of soaking the dining wares in hot water. To defect the concentration of formaldehyde Nash reagent was used followed by spectrophotometry UV-Vis. The results showed the followings, the melamine of bowl. The content of formaldehyde was 21,0197 ppm at 80 oC and the melamine in powder content 23,8665 ppm, both are the highest concentration. It seems that the releasing formaldehyde content in melamine is less than in of the powder from the wares.